Tuesday, January 05, 2016

There will be a short delay . . . in my recovery: Surgery, round 3, coming up

After November's cataract surgery and December's vitrectomy surgery, the news from my vitrectomy surgeon this morning was both good and bad.  On one hand, the vitrectomy was successful, and I'm back to about 20/30 (30/20?) vision in that portion of my right eye to which vision has returned--I was really amazed by how much of the eye chart I could read.  On the other hand, I now have a detached retina in the same eye.  I'm on sick leave again beginning today and lasting until about two weeks after this coming Thursday's surgery.  Looks like keeping my surgeon in business is my new hobby.  :) 

I'm glad I was able to sneak in a day at the office yesterday, as I really wanted to catch up and also to get a break from post-op boredom.  :)  Now, I'm back to keeping my head in a face-down position, per opthalmologist's orders.  It's a literal pain in the neck, but it could be worse.  Many thanks to our son for tipping my computer monitor into a face-up position again--I'll be back to typing standing up and looking down for at least the next couple of weeks.  It'll probably be a while before I'm allowed to sleep on my back again.  And I guess I'll be spending some extra time in the no-fly zone--no plane rides for me.  Oh, well, I'm not fond of airport security checks anyway.  :)

For the beginning of this saga, start here.


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